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West Cheshire Highlands

Property Name:

West Cheshire Highlands


Pennamco, Inc.


Acquisition Date:




Guinevere Ridge



No trails; Three wooded sanctuaries in Guinevere Ridge subdivision off Jarvis St. The three properties that make up the West Cheshire Highlands Preserve were donated to CLT by Pennamco, Inc. in June 1991. Together, they contain 16.2 acres.  The neighborhood also contains open space parcels owned by the Town of Cheshire and homeowners associations, creating a somewhat complex mosaic of open space ownership within a relatively small area.

The properties are mostly wooded and contain many sloped/hillside areas, some of which are wet.  The hills containing these slopes and the surrounding homes are the northern end of Peck Mountain, an extention of Prospect Ridge that runs north from West Main Street to the vicinity of the Guinevere Ridge neighborhood.

The West Cheshire Highlands parcels and other nearby open space parcels have been documented in CLT's records as containing some interesting and diverse vegetative and animal species.  Recent observations on the West Cheshire Highland parcels have noted a possible reduction in the deer population, and an increase in wildflowers, and the area will likely be surveyed in the near future to assess the heath of ash trees, which are largely being removed from Connecticut's landscape by the Emerald Ash Borer.  Other CLT properties are also being examined for this insect, and have been spotted on some CLT land.

The West Cheshire Highlands Preserve properties are open to the public, but there are no trails.  Access is somewhat limited by the configuration of property lines and house lots around the preserved parcels.  Please consult the map above or the Town of Cheshire's online GIS mapping system for details.

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