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Almost 600 acres of land has been preserved forever through the Cheshire Land Trust.
This land includes farms, forest, wetland and meadow. Some properties are important for their historical relevance or sensitive ecosystems. These properties come to the land trust in a variety of ways from conservation easements to fee ownership or land donation.

Who We Are

2021 Officers

Bill Stanley


Jeff Nelson

Vice President


David Schrumm

Sue Stanley


Board of Directors

Matt Abdifar

Michael Ceccorulli 

John Hilzinger

Jim Mertz

Jeff Nelson

Dave Schrumm

Bill Stanley

Sue Stanley


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Katie Bateson

Joanna deBear

Scott Ellis

Tim Endriss

Sigrun Gadwa

Bob Giddings

Joanna Giddings

John Hilzinger

Cody Leaman

Elsa Loehmann

Jim Mertz

Jeff Nelson

Eric Peele

Dave Schrumm

Bill Stanley

Tim Weiland

Our Mission


 natural resources of the State of Connecticut, including water resources, marshland, swamp, woodland, open spaces and the plant and animal life therein.
Unique historic and scenic sites.


the scientific study of and educate the public regarding local natural resources including plants, animals, birds and other wildlife.


by gift, purchase, or otherwise real and personal property for the benefit of all the inhabitants of the State of Connecticut for conservational, educational, scientific and recreational purposes.

Our History

An old ledger documents the beginning of the Cheshire Land Trust. A group of concerned citizens met at the home of Emma “Lee” and Seymour Pelz on Cheshire Street on March 26, 1969. Twelve people gave $5 each to start the Trust.

Twelve people... five dollars

The foresight of this small group is remarkable. They planted the seed for a land trust at a time when the environmental movement was just starting to sweep the country.


By the end of 1969, more people had joined. In the following year, the Trust accepted its first gift, a 40-acre forested parcel on Cheshire’s western ridge.


Others helped the seed grow. Landowners gifted land out of love for their land, some of which had been in their family for decades. Several individuals left monetary bequests. Finally, there are the many members who have paid their dues every year and made additional contributions over the years.


Understanding why we all have chosen Cheshire to raise our families is easy with all the pastoral beauty and open spaces.


Help us to maintain the quality of Cheshire’s natural resources with your financial and volunteer support.

   ---- By David Schrumm

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