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Thomas Pool Memorial

Property Name:

Thomas Pool Memorial


Percy H. Goodsell


Acquisition Date:




Tress Road


Mostly hardwood trees, cedars at the highest elevations, rocky outcrops, steep slopes, and beautiful views of Cheshire and the Hanging Hills of Meriden. �There is over 300 feet of vertical change between the property's lowest and highest spots. �Its top elevations (at over 520 feet) are the highest.points along the Prospect Ridge north of Cornwall Avenue.

CLT protects several parcels along the ridgeline, the northernmost of which is the 24-acre Thomas Pool property, just north of where the Quinnipiac Blue Trail heads down Cornwall Avenue (in Prospect). It's bordered to the south by Regional Water Authority water tanks and the State of Connecticut's Bens Homestead open space land, to the west by Tress Road, and to the east by properties along Mountain Road.

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