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Total acreage of all public and private land in the town of Cheshire exceeds 21,000 acres.

Though significant, CLT's 568 acres represents only 2.46% of the total land area.


Leavenworth Tree Farm

CLT's preservation of

Leavenworth Tree Farm

This landmark Cheshire farm is now protected by

The Leavenworth, Palmer & Knickerbocker Family Conservation Restriction

Roaring Brook

Roaring Brook

The State's second highest waterfall

Cheshire Land Trust
Preserving Land as a Living Resource Since 1969

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The Cheshire Land Trust is a nonprofit corporation funded entirely by donor contributions from members of the community. We receive no taxpayer support.



Acquisition News

Six Acres donated by Francis Roke, Jr. & Diane M. Tansley

Land Trust land donors, Francis Roke, Jr and Diane M. Tansley

The Cheshire Land Trust received an important donation of six acres of property along Waterbury Road in west Cheshire from Francis Roke, Jr and his sister Diane M. Tansley.

The rugged upland property has frontage along Waterbury Rd. opposite Blackies. The property has extensive wetlands covering about 40% of the acreage. The rest of the property is forested with mixed hardwoods and is noteworthy for rocky outcrops along Edgecomb Rd.  The area has been named “Josephine’s Woods” in honor of the donor’s grandmother.
This is the first acquisition for the Land Trust in this part of Cheshire. The property is surrounded by homes on three sides and Waterbury Rd. on the north side boundary. The property has provided a habitat for wildlife of all sorts and has been undisturbed since it was acquired by the family in 1938.

The donors were presented with a “Duffy”, a metal sculpture made for the Trust by local artists Diane Buettner and Sharon Kree.  Duffy’s are modeled after the leaves that are found on donor properties and serve as a permanent reminder of the donors’ generosity.

In summarizing the donor’s intent, Mr. Roke stated it best in a note to the Trust; “I wanted to touch base with you and let you know what a great experience it was working with your organization. From start to finish I was amazed at how smoothly everything went and what a good feeling I had upon completion of our donation. It didn’t really hit me until I went by the land one more time on my way home. This was my grandmother’s first piece of ownership in her newly adopted country and now we have come full circle with its return by this donation to the Cheshire Land Trust. Your gift of “The Duffy” lets us retain a portion of the land and we will always treasure it as our part of Josephine’s Woods."


Cheshire Land Trust presents a  "Duffy" to Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Kolstad

Kolstad Woods

Janice Bryden, President CLT,  Land Donors Leonard and Karen Kolstad, Dave Schrumm, Treasurer

The Cheshire Land Trust has been given four acres of property between Sperry Road and Half Moon Road by Dr. Leonard Kolstad and his wife Karen. The Kolstad’s said that they often enjoyed walking on the Land Trust’s Brooke Preserve on Sperry Road. “We came to realize that our property adjoined that CLT open space.  We were inspired to donate a piece of our land as a way of giving back to the community by expanding this beautiful area”, said Karen Kolstad. 

The property consists of a small area of wetlands and several acres of early growth, upland forest. The area has been named Kolstad Woods. This gift expands our  forty acre Brooke Preserve that we received from the Carpenter-Blackburn family in 2005 .It will be a perfect extension for the CLT greenbelt  that extends from Elim Park to Half Moon Road. The Kolstad gift is very important since greenbelts are the preferred way to protect land. Instead of small pieces of land here and there, greenbelts provide better cover and corridors for animals and birds. They also serve to maintain an open countryside appearance for the surrounding neighborhoods.

The Kolstads were presented with a “Duffy”, a metal sculpture made for the Trust by local artists Diane Buettner and Sharon Kree.  Duffy’s are modeled after the leaves that are found on donor properties and serve as a permanent reminder of the givers’ generousity. The Land Trust exists for exactly this kind of situation providing a means for committed preservationists to protect their land now and long after they are gone.

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Our Mission

Preservation of natural resources of the State of Connecticut, including water resources, marshland, swamp, woodland, open spaces and the plant and animal life therein.
Preservation of unique historic and scenic sites.
Promote the scientific study of and educate the public regarding local natural resources including plants, animals, birds and other wildlife.
Acquire by gift, purchase or otherwise, real and personal property for the benefit of all the inhabitants of the State of Connecticut for conservational, educational, scientific and recreational purposes


Join the Cheshire Land Trust

Open spaces provide habitat for wildlife, protection for our water supply and countless benefits to the community. Cheshire's pristine wetlands, green ways, farmland and open spaces must never be taken for granted. Join in our mission to preserve the town's natural character and beauty. Membership offers you the opportunity to make a difference.

The Cheshire Land Trust seeks gifts of land thus ensuring its preservation for future generations. Today we actively manage 27 properties and 6 conservation easements totaling 578 acres. Membership dues and contributions provide for management of these properties.


The Cheshire Land Trust Governing Board meets monthly, usually the 3rd Thursday, 7:00 PM at the Cheshire Chamber of Commerce office located at 195 S. Main St.

If you would like to attend, contact Janice Bryden or Tim Slocum 203-272-3529 or Dave Schrumm 203-272-2689.

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