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Don't Overlook the Details

One evening in 2005,I walked into the Board Room at Elim Park at the invitation of Gail Collins, a long-time CLT member. It was my opportunity to see if I was interested in serving on the Board of Directors, replacing Gail who would not be standing for re-election that year. I was hooked and served on the Board until I also decided not stand for re-election in 2016.

In my admittedly too-infrequent walks through some of the Land Trust properties, I often found myself overwhelmed by the sheer bounty of those resources. It led me to focus on the unique details I found that made the scale personal. I offer some of those here:

While on a November hike through the Brooke Preserve, I looked down and saw a bit of winter greenery poking through the fallen leaves. Looking up at eye level, there was a face that reminded me of Jabba the Hutt:

Jabba the Hutt

On a hike through the Tress Road Property, we stopped in a unique stand of cedar trees to take in a spectacular view to the east:

But I was equally struck by the patterns the branches made against that backdrop, as well as the interesting interplay of light with rocks on the forest floor:

Credit: Sam Waldo

Credit: Sam Waldo

I guess what I’m suggesting is that the pictures you take as you explore these remarkable properties can not only depict the grandeur of these remarkable properties, they can also memorialize the details that make your exploration memorable on a much more personal level.

Look up, down and around as you enjoy these resources.

Blog post by Samuel Waldo, former CLT President


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