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Don't Overlook the Details

One evening in 2005,I walked into the Board Room at Elim Park at the invitation of Gail Collins, a long-time CLT member. It was my opportunity to see if I was interested in serving on the Board of Directors, replacing Gail who would not be standing for re-election that year. I was hooked and served on the Board until I also decided not stand for re-election in 2016.

In my admittedly too-infrequent walks through some of the Land Trust properties, I often found myself overwhelmed by the sheer bounty of those resources. It led me to focus on the unique details I found that made the scale personal. I offer some of those here:

While on a November hike through the Brooke Preserve, I looked down and saw a bit of winter greenery poking through the fallen leaves. Looking up at eye level, there was a face that reminded me of Jabba the Hutt:

Jabba the Hutt

On a hike through the Tress Road Property, we stopped in a unique stand of cedar trees to take in a spectacular view to the east: