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Inverness Glen

Property Name:

Inverness Glen


Whitney & Lori Watts and Chris Baillie


Acquisition Date:




Bethany Mountain Rd


Rugged forest punctuated by a deep ravine cut by a winding stream that ultimately reaches Willow brook. Willow brook parallels the Canal Line Linear Trail.

No trails, unmarked; This property provides a direct connection to the Russell property (to the west).

The Cheshire Land Trust acquired the Inverness Glen Preserve in December 2015, thanks to the generosity of Whitney & Lori Watts and Chris Baillie.  As of November 2016, this 4.7-acre property is CLT's most recent acquisition.

The property is also adjacent to a portion of the Naugatuck State Forest to the southwest, and to residential lots along Inverness Court to the north and south.  It lies at the base of Prospect Ridge near the ridge's southern end.  This acquisition provides the potential for additional public access to the Quinnipiac Blue Trail, which runs along the ridge and through a portion of the Russell Family Preserve.

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