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Why We Moved to Cheshire

water views of the Quinnipiac
Room to breathe in Cheshire

Do you want to hear something funny? My husband and I moved to Cheshire because we could see the stars at night.

Are you laughing yet?

Granted, that was a few, okay---many years ago, but it’s really true.

We were also swayed by how much open space there was … uninterrupted green forests and wide open fields of hay and tall grasses and wildflowers, and farmland and orchards and beautiful vistas set with backdrops of ridgelines and incredibly pink sunsets with clouds spread before and across those same undulating hills.

Cheshire was definitely for us.

Especially since where we were moving from … well, every square inch seemed to have been built on and as a result, everything was illuminated at night. There were houses, and shopping centers and parking lots, and billboards and street lamps and on and on. You could not see the stars.

So on clear nights we would drive around and we found ourselves here in Cheshire, engulfed in darkness

… and stars.

When we bought our home, it was in an older development, and we would pull out hammocks, or pull two chairs together and stare up at the night sky: in all seasons, in the coldest nights.