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In the News: 50 Years of Conservation

The Cheshire land Trust celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2019. That's a major accomplishment.

Please take a moment to read the wonderful feature and editorial

in The Cheshire Herald,that noted that it was just twelve people who "put in $5 each to begin the group. From there, the Cheshire Land Trust began a mission of conservation that now includes almost 600 acres of property that is forever protected from development.

Highlights include the following:

  • A prominent role in saving Roaring Brook Falls from development

  • Donations of land to CLT along Prospect Ridge to assist in the creation of the western greenbelt (an important town/state conservation corridor)

  • Fresh Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary gifted from Edward Tufte and the Cheshire Neighborhood Association

  • Brooke Preserve, a popular hiking area

  • Ives Farm, the largest land donation, given at the bequest of Betty Ives who asked that the land be used for open space, agricultural use, or forest land and a wildlife refuge.

Cheshire Herald file photo - CLT's Ives Farm

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