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Ives Farm

Ives Farm is Open

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Total acreage of all public and private land in the town of Cheshire exceeds 21,000 acres.

Though significant, CLT's 582 acres represents only 2.46% of the total land area.

Leavenworth Tree Farm

Roaring Brook...the State's second highest waterfall

Cheshire Land Trust
Preserving Land as a Living Resource Since 1969

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The Cheshire Land Trust is a nonprofit -501( c) 3 corporation funded entirely

by donor contributions from members of the community. We receive no taxpayer support.

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Meredith Nielson - Top finisher female

Top 3 - Male Finishers:
1st: Anthony Colabella, Bib 14, 18:24.0 Pace: 5:56/M
2nd: Jeffrey Townsend, Bib 83, 18:38.0 Pace 6:00/M
3rd: Doug Levens, Bib 32, 20:38.0 Pace 6:39/M

Top 3- Female Finishers:
1st: Meredith Nielson, Bib 60, 24:34.0, Pace 7:55/M
2nd: Sarah Cole, Bib 73, 25:26.0, Pace 8:12/M
3rd: Elizabeth Markman, Bib 56, 27:19.0, 8:48/M

Complete List of Results

2nd Annual Ives Farm Tractor Trot 5K

For those who couldn't run there was... Best Costume


Find out more...See our sponsors...

Benefits the many Outreach and Education programs offered by the Cheshire Land Trust. 

Thanks to our Sponsors, volunteers and Runners the 2nd Annual Ives 5K was a huge success






Our Mission

Preservation of natural resources of the State of Connecticut, including water resources, marshland, swamp, woodland, open spaces and the plant and animal life therein.
Preservation of unique historic and scenic sites.
Promote the scientific study of and educate the public regarding local natural resources including plants, animals, birds and other wildlife.
Acquire by gift, purchase or otherwise, real and personal property for the benefit of all the inhabitants of the State of Connecticut for conservational, educational, scientific and recreational purposes


Join the Cheshire Land Trust

Open spaces provide habitat for wildlife, protection for our water supply and countless benefits to the community. Cheshire's pristine wetlands, green ways, farmland and open spaces must never be taken for granted. Join in our mission to preserve the town's natural character and beauty. Membership offers you the opportunity to make a difference.

The Cheshire Land Trust seeks gifts of land thus ensuring its preservation for future generations. Today we actively manage 28 properties and 6 conservation easements totaling 582 acres. Membership dues and contributions provide for management of these properties. CLT is a 501(c)3 tax exempt corporation. Your donations are tax deductable. We receive no taxpayer funds.


The Cheshire Land Trust Governing Board meets monthly, usually the 3rd Thursday, 7:00 PM at the Cheshire Chamber of Commerce office located at 195 S. Main St.

If you would like to attend, contact Joy VanderLek or call 203-699-9251 or Dave Schrumm 203-272-2689.

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